7 Reasons Why NAPA New Premium CV Axles are the Superior Choice to Remanufactured Units


NAPA New Premium CV Axles are designed and built to meet or exceed OE specifications. Most reman axles regrind races and cages and install larger bearings to take up the slack and tighten the joint.


NAPA New Premium CV Axles use only precision-rolled splines and threads that meet OE specifications. Reman axles typically just clean the splines and threads. Often splines need to be re-cut, which creates a looser fit that can cause noise.


NAPA New Premium CV Axles are ABS-consolidated. Simply put, if we can cover an ABS application as well as a non ABS application with one axle, we will create one SKU. This helps reduce inventory levels and increases coverage. Remanufacturers don’t typically consolidate these applications.


NAPA New Premium CV Axles boots are made of premium Neoprene and are secured with stainless steel clamps to withstand the heat cycling, ozone, chemicals, and abrasion damage. Remanufactured axles normally only use this type of premium boot and clamp on HD applications.


NAPA New Premium CV Axles use heat treated precision machine ground cages, races and bearings ensuring that the joint function, articulation, and geometry meets OE specifications. This is not possible when grinding and installing oversized bearings.


NAPA New Premium CV Axles are strong and durable, made from the highest quality materials. Many reman axle cores have been on the vehicle for over 100,000 miles before finally being remanufactured. This means the metal components have undergone years of operation and heat cycling which ultimately affects the material.


100% new ensures all components are new and made to OE specifications. This helps ensure consistent premium quality and appearance on every unit sold. Remanufactured axles simply can’t make this claim.