Extreme Environment CV Axles

Designed Specifically for Extreme Weather Conditions


Extreme weather and rugged conditions can be tough on today’s vehicles. This is especially true with work vehicles that are required to operate in even the worst environmental conditions. OE style CV axles function well in normal conditions but can be subject to premature failure due to extreme cold, heat and rugged conditions.

NAPA New Premium C.V. Axles offers a solution with the New Extreme Environment CV Axle program, which is specifically designed to handle the most extreme environments.


Long lasting performance in even the most extreme conditions make NAPA Extreme Environment CV Axles ideal for fleet and ride sharing/delivery services like Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, DoorDash & more.


  • Premium thermoplastic boots withstand exposure to extreme temperatures ranging from –58°F/50°C to +478 °F/ 248°C.
  • Stainless steel stepless clamps provide improved clamping force on the TPE boot to create a tighter, more reliable 360° optimum seal even in the most extreme temperatures.
  • Specially formulated 7023B grease is designed to resist loss of lubricity and maintain OE lubricant performance in even the most severe temperatures ranging from -40°F/C to +280°F/140 °C.

New Extreme Environment CV Axles Now Available

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