ATV-UTV C.V. Axles

NAPA New Premium C.V. Axles for ATVs, UTVs, and Side-by-Sides are engineered from the ground up to be the highest quality, most reliable, and toughest CV axles on the market.


Top 5 Noise Symptoms of a Worn ATV-UTV CV Axle

OE Replacement C.V. Axles

  • Handles up to 20% more torque than OEM axles (measured at axle breakage during testing)
  • Heat treated chrome steel solid center shaft improves performance and longevity
  • High quality neoprene CR rubber dust boots have greater flexibility as well as heat and chemical resistance than original equipment boots
  • High performance moly grease in all axle joints provides better metal adhesion and resistance to high shock loads
  • Meets all OEM axle specifications for travel and joint articulation

Heavy Duty C.V. Axles

  • Handles up to 35% more torque than OEM axles (measured at axle breakage during testing)
  • Heat treated chromoly steel solid center shaft has greater density and strength than chrome steel
  • Premium quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) dust boots are stronger, more rigid, and offer increased resistance to puncture than neoprene CR rubber
  • High performance, high temperature moly grease in all axle joints provides superior protection against extreme use
  • Meets OEM travel specifications and exceeds OEM joint articulation specifications by up to 5°

ATV-UTV CV Joint Advantages

CV Joint Housings

CV Joint housings are typically forged from iron billets. After the joint is machined,  induction heat treating is used to harden the wear surfaces. Wear in a CV Joint typically occurs on the cage, race and cup. This wear is commonly caused by a loss of lubrication due to boot failure or debris in the joint. Once heat treated surfaces are damaged, they usually cannot be restored.

NAPA Advantage

Our CV Joint housings, cages and races are precision machined and induction heat treated to decrease wear and are constructed to work at varying angles and constant rotational speeds without friction or play.

Rzeppa CV Joint

A Rzeppa CV Joint is the most common type of joint used. A typical Rzeppa CV Joint allows 45°- 48° of articulation.

NAPA Advantage

Our Rzeppa CV Joints go thru extensive testing to ensure maximum durability and performance while operating at the highest articulation angles.

High Temperature Moly Grease

Grease is often packed by hand at the factory. If there is too much grease, it may be pushed out of the boot. When servicing a joint, only use the recommended amount of grease.

NAPA Advantage

Our axles come fully assembled with the right amount of premium high performance, high temperature moly grease.


Splines cut to fit the race are held in place with a retaining clip.

NAPA Advantage

Our splines are precision rolled for a perfect fit and use high

Dust Boots

The materials used to make the boot are not just plastic or rubber. They are designed to last millions of cycles in a wide range of temperatures.

NAPA Advantage

We only use high quality Neoprene and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) dust boots for superior heat, chemical, tear and puncture resistance.

Axle Nut

New axles should always be installed using a new axle nut.

NAPA Advantage

We include all necessary hardware with every application.

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