Intermediate Shafts

For Easy Removal and Installation


Intermediate shafts, often referred to as “stub shafts” or “inner shafts” are the link that couples the CV axle to the transaxle or differential. They allow for the removal and installation of CV axle assemblies without the need to disturb or replace the transaxle or differential oil seal.

The intermediate shaft connects the CV axle to the transmission and ensures that the left and right CV axles are of equal lengths. The equal joint angles between the left and right CV axles reduces torque steer and improves vehicle handling.


  • Intermediate shaft bearing failure
  • Circlips not being replaced when intermediate shafts are reused
  • Damage to splines or clips due to improper removal or installation
  • Corrosion of the splines/clip due to failed dust/moisture seal

The above failures can lead to the CV axle becoming disengaged during operation causing loss of drive power and transaxle or differential damage.

Note: Often, only the intermediate shaft may need to be replaced when the entire CV is initially thought to be at fault.

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Intermediate Shafts

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