New vs. Reman

7 Benefits of New Premium CV Axles

Practical Solutions

To CV Axle Problems

We Don’t Take Short Cuts on OE Designs

Download the Flyer HereToday’s technically advanced vehicles have integrated several innovative designs in CV axle technology to improve overall performance, comfort and dependability. Whether it’s the new OE flat spline design, AAR socket design or new hollow tube...

Addressing Three Common CV Axle Issues

Download the Flyer Here1. Removal & Installation IssuesREMOVAL Problem: Prying and striking the axle during removal often causes the circlip to become caught and damages both the axle and transmission splines. Solution: Use a CV removal tool that attaches to...

CV Axle Installation Tips – Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Download the Flyer HereONE Prior to installation, make sure to physically match the replacement unit with the original unit. Sometimes replacement units may not appear the same as the original unit, but will function properly. Pay close attention to: Overall...

Top 5 Noise Symptoms Associated with a Worn CV Shaft

Download the Flyer Here1. Popping or clicking noises when turning. This indicates a worn or damaged outer CV joint. To verify this condition, place the vehicle in reverse, crank the steering wheel to one side and drive the vehicle backward in a circle (check the...

Practical Solutions to Common CV Axle Problems

Practical Solutions to Common CV Axle ProblemsOEM AXLE BEARING BRACKETSTHE PROBLEM:Some OEM axle bearing brackets are prone to failure because they are made of low-density aluminum and prone to breakage when being pressed onto a new axle bearing.THE SOLUTION:NAPA...


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